Biking Tour: Ottawa-Perth Loop

For the last bit of summer fun we took a four-day biking tour to Perth. I had not spent much time in the region and thought that biking would provide an excellent opportunity to slow down, visit some small towns, and experience the local hospitality. I was not disappointed.

We started our first day in downtown Ottawa along the Ottawa River Pathway towards Britannia Park, turned left on Moody Drive towards Bells Corner and followed the Trans Canada Trail to Stittsville and continued towards Carleton Place. Just before arriving to Carleton Place, we took a detour through some small rural roads to the surprisingly beautiful town of Almonte. We stayed at the Menzie’s House, a welcoming bed & breakfast in a 1850’s house by the Mississippi river. Relaxing by the pool never felt so good!

Our second day lead us to Perth. We followed along some local roads but were rather disappointed at the lack of public spaces to stop. Even though this was a relatively light biking day the absolute unavailability of stopping points combined with the hot weather made for an unpleasant ride. The reward came upon arriving in Perth, spending the hot afternoon at the pool in the Drummond House, another nice bed and breakfast, in downtown Perth.

Our third day started with a promise of thunder showers and instead of heading home as planned, we decided to make it a short ride to Merrickville and hide from the rain. What a nice change of plans! We got there early and had time to walk around downtown and browse through the local shops. We stayed at the Millisle, a bed and breakfast located in a stunning historic home. We spent the afternoon watching the rain from the veranda with a good book and a glass of wine.

Our last day started with a nice ride along the Rideau River all the way to Manotick, where we stopped for a nice lunch at the French Cafe. From there, we rode along Prince of Whales back home, a predictably unpleasant ride among cars. As a reward, we finished off our vacation (by car!) at the Le Nordik, a nordic spa in the Gatineau area, relaxing our tired muscles and gathering the last bit of energy to get back to work.

How many days before it is summer again?

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About Luciara Nardon

I am a professor of International Business at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Ottawa.
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5 Responses to Biking Tour: Ottawa-Perth Loop

  1. Dominic Abreu says:

    Wao! Amazing, i imaginged myself doing the tour! Great! To do this kind of tour, the person should be in excellent sport conditions, he/she should have been biking for a long time before doing it? Thanks and nice history!

  2. Dominic Abreu says:

    I have another question, this tour is just for adults? Can kids resist a tour like that?

  3. I am definitely not in excellent sport condition! And I am not a serious biker at all, all I had done prior to this was one-hour rides in town. This was my first biking tour, and 50-60K a day was pretty reasonable. We took it slow and rested a lot. As for kids, I guess it depends on the kids. I know people that have done things like that with kids around 10, but they have been training the kids for it. I would not recommend the return to Ottawa through Prince of Wales, though, as the cars zooming by would not be fun. If I was doing this with kids I would keep the distances short and end the tour before getting into Ottawa.
    It was definitely a lot of fun!

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